Precision engineered and manufactured to medical grade standards

Hailing from Montreal and working in the field of Orthopaedics, surgeon Justin Bobyn applies the precision of an age-old mechanical engineering technique to his custom designs.

He’s designed bone implants for children but its his first non-medial J.Bobyn design which has garnered him a cult following: a customised anatomical wrist shaped bangle with signature personalised initialled screws. Each design inspired from his medical work and surgical materials.

His 3D designs are precision machined from high strength brass and hand finished. Custom screwdrivers to match the initialled screws are handmade and assembled using a technique known as cold welding (asuper precise join used to assemble hip replacementswhere two pieces fit together so finely that the metal doesn't know it's two pieces). The packaging is custom made form high density polyethylene, a renewable plastic that is used in joint replacements implants. 

 Four generations of engineers, doctors and artists, The Bobyn family have always passed down monogrammed pieces, as well as family initials. Keep sakes that are as permanent as the names and people they represent.  Finding a metal piece his great grandfather machinedby hand, sparked a love that someone in the family built to medical perfection. Beautiful and crisp it was this discovery which Justin could build a legacy. 

 A fascination with carving from metal coupled with a family obsession with initials tied in with medical skill, JBobyn designs are personal.  They define family history and interest and say a lot more than just a nice bangle.  His real audience would be the grandsons and grandaughters. The razor and banglerepresent two permanent designs that are good to pass on. 

 "I want everything in my life to made by me. Its an obsessive pursuit to have a hand in the making of all that I use and am surrounded by and to give these objects a story. Doing this bucks the trend and techniques of mass-production manufacture.  I’m inspired by how things come together and how they are made, not buying a logo. It has to be authentic. I want to build better things (and also build things better) and to design across every genre. I want to do more.”